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Happy Ressurection Day!

In the year 2~~~, The world has become a wasteland. The people living there, have survived, but live scattered in the cosmos. As life starts to collect again, a new evil shows it's face. Now it's up to 3 holy hero's to stop this demonic force, and bring humans back together again. ~Temporarily updates on Sundays~


» Epic Hiatus

Of course, it's not intentional.
I am getting more and more busy with the end of school coming.
And I have been with people almost everyday this Spring Break.
I really want some time to myself.

Also, I'm having problems at Church, with people.
No worries, I am holding still to my faith, and it is getting better.
But I went to my friends church this Sunday (He was preaching), and I realized just how much trouble we are in at my church.

I walk into this church, that's in a fairly bad part of town, and I go from a bit worried, to feeling more welcome then I have ever been.
It was as though I ran into an aura of happiness and joy.
It was nothing like I have felt at my current church.

Also, my bro has fallen a bit away from Christianity, and is claiming to be agnostic now.
I was going to stay with him during my Community college days (2 years), but now I can't say it is a good idea.
I'm afraid the Arguments will get more intense as I live there, after the latest one's.

My father, and pastor, reassured my that my bro. still has a firm Christian foundation, and that it is just a phase.
I pray it is.

Anyways, I will try and get more up soon, and I just ask that you will be praying for me.
I know that sounds petty, but I just need some help.
I know that God will and is always there for me.
I am very thankful.


» Prayer Request

Hi, I just want to let everyone to know that if you have any Prayer requests, feel free to Pm me or E-mail me, and with your permission, I will post it in the Prayer request section.

Please try and keep extreme specifics like names and places out of it.

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